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by Amanda McKay | December 6, 2017

Book Recommendations

An easier question for me would be, “What am I NOT reading?” I usually have my Kindle with me, numerous books in my work tote, and a stack of books and magazines of varying genres (mostly writing, theological, historical, and self-help) towering precariously on my night stand. One might wonder how I ever finish reading anything, and honestly, if I am in a good romance series it may take me awhile to get to the others. That said, and to not appear too scattered and indecisive, I will share the books that are currently in my daily reading.

I just checked out Jennifer Chiaverini’s “Christmas Bells.” I was actually looking for another book for a shelf display, walked by this, and immediately checked it out (one of the perks of working in a library)! This book weaves the story of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s holiday season of 1863 with that of present-day teacher, Sophia, who struggles to find a way through adversity in her second job as a volunteer church music director. While I have just started this book, I have read the majority of Ms. Chiaverini’s Elm Creek Quilts series so I feel confident that I will enjoy her message of remaining positive during stressful times.

Another book in my daily reading schedule is Zhu Xiao-Mei’s “The Secret Piano-From Mao’s Labor Camps to Bach’s Goldberg Variations.” Whenever I am struggling with something, I inevitably will find myself at my piano. Hours later, I emerge hopefully refreshed and clear or at a minimum, more calm. While I am not typically drawn to Chinese history, I knew that piano prodigy Zhu Xiao-Mei’s story of clinging to her music through life in the labor camps of Mao’s Cultural Revolution to finding a new life post-revolution would profoundly resonate with me. Her story of the healing power of music is one that can be appreciated by everyone, regardless of musical ability.

Just for fun, I checked out “Writer to Writer-From Think to Ink” by Gail Carson Levine (of “Ella Enchanted” fame) last month from our NaNoWriMo display in the Young Adult department. I love popping into this book for a quick chapter read on writing tips, tricks, and inspiration. Considering I am close to my renewal limit on this one, I should just purchase a copy so that I can give other writers a chance to enjoy! One of many benefits of utilizing the library is “test-driving” books, movies, cd’s, etc…before purchasing!

Happy Reading!

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