What We’re Reading

by Amanda McKay | September 1, 2017

Book Recommendations

September is National Library Card Sign Up month and the books highlighted chosen by Circulation Assistant, Carolyn Karns are some of the best reasons to visit the library soon!

In “Bakers Secret” by Stephan Kiernan: Set in Normandy during World War II a German officer smells bread and demands a sample, he tells the young woman she will make bread for him and the other officers, By using finely ground straw, she supplements what she’s given and makes two extra loves for those in the community going hungry, but does she realize how much she means to her community and the resistance?

In Pam Jenoff ‘s “Winter Guest“: Helena and her Jewish family live in a small mountain village. When her father dies, Helena has to check on her mother in the hospital and discovers a wounded American paratrooper who as a Jew feels that he must respond to what is happening. Jenoff shares a glimpse of the persecution of European Jews even before the war.

Finally in “Lost and Found Sisters“, by award winning author Jill Shalvis, Quinn has her dream job as a chef in one of LA’s top restaurants, a boyfriend who wants to get engaged and loving parents, but the part that missing is her sister who was killed in an automobile accident. Then expectantly a lawyer tells her that she has an inheritance, that she was adopted and does have a teenage sister that needs her.

Author Shalvis delivers a nice read that highlights a family adjusting to a sudden death and secrets can come to light when you least expect them.

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If you, like us, want to learn more about the drama that is unfolding with North Korea join us Thursday, Sept. 21 at 6 p.m. for our current event series “What’s the Deal with … North Korea” as Ryan Ervin (Effingham High School History teacher and adjunct instructor for Lake Land College) helps us understand Kim Jung-un rise to power and his ultimate goals.

To learn more about North Korea we recommend any of these books: A Kim Jong-II Production, Escape from Camp 14, Nothing to Envy or Under the Same Sky.