Fundraising For The Future

by Johnna Schultz | August 10, 2018


Join us September 17 – 22 at Joe Sippers Cafe for a silent auction in support of Effingham Public Library’s NEW after school program: R.I.S.E.

Effingham Public Library has launched its new after school program: R.I.S.E. (Read. Innovate. Serve. Engage.) This is a free after school program available to middle school students in the Effingham area. Being a safe place for young people to interact and learn has always been a key component of the Effingham Public Library. Through R.I.S.E., Effingham Public Library plans to provide enrichment and study time in a safe, welcoming environment for kids at all levels. Currently, the library can only open this program up to a limited number of student for two days a week. The goal is to expand the program to four days and to allow more students the opportunity to participate.

Stang Arts, Joe Sippers Cafe, and Effingham Public Library have joined together to host a silent auction fundraiser in support of the future of R.I.S.E. The artwork showcased in the auction has been donated by Stang Arts students and instructors.

At Joe Sippers Cafe from Monday, September 17 to Saturday, September 22 you can bid to purchase the artwork.