Featured Artists – Road Home Program Traveling Art Exhibit

by Oran Colwell | June 1, 2023

Featured Artists

The Effingham Public Library is pleased to host the Road Home Program Traveling Art Exhibit.

Masks created by military Veterans during intensive treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will be displayed June 1st–29th at the The Suzette Brumleve Memorial Effingham Public Library.
A vital component of the free therapy Veterans with PTSD receive at the Road Home Program at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago is art therapy during which they create two-sided masks. These masks convey to others how they see themselves and how they think the world sees them. In doing so, they offer a revealing, often heartbreaking, but ultimately inspiring look into the reality of PTSD.
The artwork displayed in this exhibit has been intentionally donated by Veterans to inspire other Veterans to express themselves and heal, and to educate civilians about trauma and trauma recovery.


Their art display will be featured at the Effingham Public Library until June 29th.