Featured Artist: Tom David

by Margaret Daley | January 13, 2021

Featured Artists

The Suzette Brumleve Memorial Effingham Public Library is pleased to showcase the art work of local artist, Tom David.

Tom David, one of twelve children, was born and raised in a small, rural town in east-central Illinois – Chrisman.

He is a graduate of EIU and U of I. He is a retired educator who taught art in multiple Illinois schools before being employed by the Mattoon public schools as an elementary principle and later as an Asst. superintendent.

He is a Vietnam veteran who chose to remain in the military following active duty, retiring from the ILNG as a senior warrant officer (CW5). Upon retiring from his dual careers in public service, Tom began painting and drawing on a full-time basis.

Tom says his work doesn’t conform to a single signature style which is often at odds with his artistic growth and experimentation. However, he thinks that if you look close enough, you will see connections.

He goes on to say that regardless of the subject matter, he strives to explore the depths and subtleties of human experience based on a synthesis of his experiences, memories, and direct observation. He is convinced that successful painting is a process of seeing and thinking, rather than one os imitation.

He says his attitudes and feelings are at the center of his artistic expression. Because reality and perception are uniquely personal experiences, truth to the object or scene—i.e., to the actual—is relative.

Tom David’s work will be showcased until Jan. 29, 2021.

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