Featured Artist: Stacey Zerrusen

by Margaret Daley | October 4, 2017

Featured Artists

In the Art Gallery this month is Stacey Zerrusen. Stacey shared with us a little bit about herself and her artwork. Be sure to drop into the library to see all the pieces on display.

“I am primarily an Acrylic artist who dabbles in various other media as the opportunity arises. I reside in rural Teutopolis raising my children on my husband’s family farm. I have been painting my entire life and love experimenting with unique color combinations. As a farmer’s daughter who loves the country life, I have chosen this as my focus in recent years. Farm animals and various country scenes are flooded with an abundance of color. From purple cows to green dogs, I try to find color in normally neutral subject matter, creating unique fun paintings perfect for rural country life.”

I am an Art Teacher at Effingham Junior High and am always pulling inspiration from my students and family. Whether it be doing a critique at school and my students offering feedback or a cute photograph my mother in law took that’d look great on a canvas, everything around me gives me new routes to take my work.

My mother instilled in me a love of the arts. She was also a very artsy child that slowed down on her artwork when she was raising her kids. She always pushed me to keep creating and exploring. From crazy cardboard creations to giant paintings on the kitchen table, she never once was apprehensive about the mess. She always saw it as a learning opportunity, and fostered my imagination. For this, I am eternally grateful.

I hope you take away from this display a smile or a little bit of laughter. From the silly look on the llama’s face or the fun animal names my children came up with, you are sure to find a way to relate to at least one painting in my collection. Seek the fun in the mundane and hopefully learn to laugh at some of life’s monotony.”

Stacey’s art will be in the gallery until December. Be sure to check it out!

If you are interested in showing your work, or learning more about the art gallery, please contact Marketing Coordinator Andrew Dougherty at

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