Featured Artist: Serenity Haskett

by Margaret Daley | July 16, 2020

Featured Artists

The Suzette Brumleve Memorial Effingham Public Library is pleased to showcase the art work of artist, Serenity Haskett.

Serenity Haskett has been drawn to art and its many forms from a young age.

“When I was younger, my school held art contests. I usually got 2nd or 3rd place but I wanted to get better.” Serenity explains. “I stopped all together for a while but then the movie ‘Frozen’ came to theaters. I drew Elsa and it looked just like how it was supposed to. One Christmas, my family got me some paints and that’s where I found my love for floral and galaxy designs.”

This fall, Serenity, will be a senior at Newton Community High School.

Serenity shares: “In every painting, drawing, or even strange creations, there is a different meaning behind every single one of them for everyone.”

Serenity Haskett’s artwork will be displayed in the Art Gallery until August 7, 2020

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