Featured Artist: Scott Deters

by Margaret Daley | December 6, 2017

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Scott Deters has been creating artwork his entire life. As a young man cerebral palsy, he has endured many challenges that he has had to find unique ways to overcome. For example, in order to speak, he uses a communication device that he operates with an infrared laser on his head. Expressing himself has proven to be just as much of a challenge.

Through Scott’s childhood, it was a constant search to find outlets for self expression. While Scott was in the early stages of using his communication device, he experimented with various pain programs on the computer and showed a genuine interest in creating his own artwork. With two siblings interested in art, it was only fitting to attempt painting with Scott as well. Early techniques ranged from attached a paintbrush to a hast, finger painting, as well as using the hand over hand method. In the end, he was still struggling with full control over his artwork.
After High School, Scott began working for Computer Support Systems. They had a new Art Program that he was eager to join. Through this program, he was assisted by an Art Teacher and painted using the hand over hand technique. The results were very realistic seascapes and paintings. He was thrilled with success, but felt there had to be something more. He longed for another way to express himself using more his ideas and less his art teachers interpretations.

An article in the Reader’s Digest about a new technique caught his mother’s eye. She struck up a conversation with the creator of the Artistic Realization Technologies technique, also know as ART. This program was the perfect jumping off point. Through a series of emails, the creator explained the process of asking multiple yes or no questions, putting the artist in full control of their artwork. Scott dictates all of his artwork using a combination of a laser attached to the side of his head and yes or no questions. This is used to determine canvas size, paint colors and if they are mixed, exactly where and how to paint should be applied. This allows him to have full control over his artwork and to express himself in new and unique ways.

Since perfecting this technique, Scott has spoken at many events and shown his artwork through Illinois and Missouri. He loves to share his technique and artwork with anyone willing to listen. We hope you enjoy Scott’s colorful abstract creations as much as he enjoys showcasing them.

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