Featured Artist: Jon Schubert Pencil Portrait Artist

by Margaret Daley | February 1, 2018

Featured Artists

It seems to me that life is made up of little details. When you become familiar with something, someone or someplace, it’s the details that ultimately make them unique. I believe an important aspect of portrait art is taking the time to really notice those details and weave them into each piece. Discovering and capturing the essence of each subject with just a pencil and paper is a fascinating experience each time. Knowing the joy the end result can bring to you is the greatest gift an artist can receive.

My media is graphite pencil on heavy-weight Bristol paper. Each portrait is completely hand-drawn with no computer enhancements of any kind. Photos are used as source material. Any given piece will take multiple hours to complete (depending on size, complexity, etc). It is important to me to capture the details properly; so patience is a must.

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