Featured Artist: Jeremy Rinkel

by Margaret Daley | July 11, 2019

Featured Artists

The Suzette Brumleve Memorial Effingham Public Library is pleased to showcase “Woodstock 1969: Peace, Love and Music” an art exhibition by Jeremy Rinkel.

The exhibition by the local artist features a variety of canvas pieces as well as three large paintings on the doors and hood of an iconic 1970s VW Beetle. The exhibition will be on display until July 31.

“Woodstock 1969: Peace, Love and Music” brings together nine drawings and paintings as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Woodstock Music Festival which took place in Bethel, New York, August 16-18, 1969.

The exhibit captures the essence of the Woodstock era and the themes of peace and love came to represent Woodstock.

The exhibition features three large pieces, two doors and car hood, from a 1970s VW Beetle. The doors focus specifically on the themes and logo of Woodstock. On the hood, Rinkel painted the face of John Lennon. Although Lennon and the Beatles did not perform at the festival, Lennon’s philosophy of peace and love were influential in the creation of the festival. 

Rinkel resides in Effingham, IL. He is a high school teacher and self-published author. In 2017, he began restoring a VW Beetle and decided to use the two doors and hood off a rusty “parts car” he received for free for the beginnings of an art display. 

In addition to the three large steel pieces, Rinkel used colored pencil to create three drawings of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Joan Baez.  To finalize the display, he captures two iconic figures “Hippie Freak” and “Hippie Babe” painted on canvas.

Jeremy Rinkel’s artwork will be displayed in the Art Gallery until July 31, 2019.

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