Featured Artist: Janet Hargis

by Oran Colwell | August 1, 2022

Featured Artists

The Effingham Public Library is pleased to host local artist, Janet Hargis.


Janet was born in Carbondale, Illinois but moved to Effingham when her dad got a job with Effingham unit 40. She was three years old at the time. With the exception of about four years, she’s lived in Effingham.


“I think I first got started taking pictures about 12 years ago when I purchased my first iPhone. I was hooked!”


Most of Janet’s inspiration comes from nature. She particularly likes to take pictures of old barns and crosses.
“God has created an awesome world and I try to communicate that through my pictures.  At first it was mostly sunrises. My husband and I are early risers and we would get up and just drive until we found a good spot to catch the sunrise.  Then we added sunsets.  Now it’s just anything that happens to catch my eye. Maybe it’s a butterfly landing on a flower, the usual bark on a tree, or turtles sunning on a log.”


“I think art is important for several reasons.  It helps people express themselves. If people take the time, it causes us to stop and ponder and think about what the creators are trying to say.  Art can simply make us smile or wonder or open our eyes to something new.”


Janet’s art will be featured from August 1st to September 28th.
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