Featured Artist: Heather Sandy

by Oran Colwell | October 3, 2022

Featured Artists

The Effingham Public Library is pleased to host local artist, Heather Sandy.

Heather Sandy currently resides in Effingham, Illinois. She is originally from Dayton, Ohio

She has always loved creating art and took as many art courses as she could in high school. Once she got to college, she explored different majors and ultimately pursued a major in fine arts – paintings. She has been professionally creating artwork since her senior year in college beginning in 2009.

Heather Sandy says the beauty of gardens has always inspired her – both representationally and abstractly. Lately, the Covid-19 pandemic has inspired her and changed the direction of her work by forcing her to reexamine herself, the world, and societal relationships.

“Art brings communities together by providing both beauty and collaborative involvement. There are so many great mural projects that communities surround themselves with. Art is also an important source of self-expression.”

Heather Sandy’s artwork will be displayed in the Art Gallery until November 28th, 2022.

For more information about the Art Gallery, please contact Library Coordinator Oran Colwell at