Featured Artist: Effingham High School Seniors

by Margaret Daley | March 1, 2018

Featured Artists

The Featured Artists for the month of March are Effingham High School Seniors.

The Effingham Public Library is excited to have the seniors showcase this year. This exhibit shows a wide range of art styles and mediums from the public school students. The mediums range from charcoal, to acrylic, from pastel to ink, and colored pencil. The styles and subject matter exhibited is also a wide range: from animal to human, industrial to nature, as well as inspirational and abstract.


  • Chloe Larimore
  • Grace Lybarger
  • Aly Armstrong
  • Danielle Gregory
  • Doug Fancher
  • Brianna Schmidt
  • Chloe Martin
  • Kellie Siebert
  • Paul Smith
  • Chloe Langhorst
  • Aisley Haythorne
  • Maria Dust
  • Katie Hoelscher
  • Allie Woods
  • Ashlyn Paige