Featured Artist: Dieterich High School Students

by Margaret Daley | May 6, 2021

Featured Artists

The Effingham Public Library is pleased to host an art show during the month of March exhibiting work from Effingham High School Advanced Art Seniors.

The 2021 Effingham High School Senior Art Show showcases 8 art students and their artwork.

The exhibition invites the public to view student works of art which spans from drawing, sculpture, painting, and multi-medium illustration.

Featured students include:

Sophomores – Riley Baxter, Aaron Davis, Morgan Larson, Khloe Tolch and Kaylee Westendorf

Juniors – Brian Crum, Maggie Britton, Sophia Gillet, Allyson Holste, and Braden Shadle

Seniors – Faith Ahrein, Avriti Dogra, Chloe Jansen, Mackenzie Miller, Carly Ohnesorge, Katie Stanley, Madison Vail, Morgan Vail and Brianna Wendte

Dieterich high school students’ artwork will be displayed in the Art Gallery until May 18.

For more information about the Art Gallery please contact Assistant Director Johnna Schultz at