Featured Artist: Corey Taylor

by Margaret Daley | July 9, 2021

Featured Artists

The Effingham Public Library is pleased to host an art show during the month of July exhibiting work from local photographer, Corey Taylor.

Corey Taylor began doing photography as Editor of his college newspaper 24 years ago.
He won Illinois Community College Journalists Association awards for his photography and layouts at that time, so most of his photography education was news and sports photography.

Later, when he independently studied modern photography, much of his influences came from people like Gordon Parks, Annie Leibovitz, and Chuck Shacochis.

He expanded his professional work six years ago to include his photography. Corey lives in Effingham and does photography for people throughout the area.

Corey Taylor’s artwork will be displayed in the Art Gallery until July 30.

For more information about the Art Gallery please contact Assistant Director Johnna Schultz at