Featured Artist: Abby Hartke

by Margaret Daley | February 19, 2021

Featured Artists

The Suzette Brumleve Memorial Effingham Public Library is pleased to showcase the artwork of local artist, Abby Hartke.

Abby Hartke has been creating art since the age of 3 –

“I’ve always been drawn to all the colors of the world and how they are used in everyday life and with that, how they aren’t.”

Abby is currently studying art at Lake Land College and intends on continuing her education at Eastern Illinois University this fall studying Graphic Design.

She plans on earning a further degree in Fine Arts after graduating from EIU.

Most of the pieces included here are from assignments she has completed in her first three semesters at Lake Land

Abby Hartke’s work will be showcased until February 26.

For more information about the Art Gallery please contact Assistant Director Johnna Schultz at