Crossroads of Education: Tharin Arsenault

by Margaret Daley | October 9, 2020

Crossroads of Education

Tharin Arsenault – 7th Grade Effingham Junior High Remote Learning

Favorite Subject: Art

And why do you like art?

I guess I just like drawing pictures and stuff and I like doing projects with other people. My second favorite subject would be Social Studies. I like going back in time but I wouldn’t like to live in another time. I’m glad I live now.

Do you find it strange what’s going on now?

Yes, I do because it’s like a really big pandemic. and it’s hard to believe that there have been so many people who have died from it.

Do you know anyone who has gotten sick so far?

My Mum and her friend.

Do you remember when you first started to hear that the schools might close?

I was like YES! Because I’m pretty good with computers and tech. And I think it’s easier to learn on the computer. We got fiber this summer and I would hate to learn from home without that. Before we had fiber things just wouldn’t load on the computer. It took so long to just get on the page that you needed to be on to do the work. 

Items that remind you of school during the pandemic?

Pencil. Notebook. Calculator.

What do you miss most from before the pandemic?

Hanging out with my friends. Going to recess.

Anything you like more?

Getting a PC. I had to get one to do the e-learning

How do you feel about remote learning this year?

I think it’s a good idea if it runs without problems.

What did you take for granted?

Hanging out with big groups of friends.

Name two of the most annoying things.

Wearing a mask and not being able to go into some places.

Did you enjoy the remote learning?

I did. The only thing was not seeing my friends.

What are you looking forward to this school year?

Algebra! And I have really nice teachers too.

Any sports and school activities that you’ve had to miss?

Discus and rugby.

What was studying like without the school structures or schedules?

It was easier because you had until the end of the week to get things time. There was one week I did leave it to the last minute to get my work done. 

Do you have any new hobbies as a result of the pandemic?

I ride a dirt bike now.