Crossroads of Education: Remington Hutson

by Margaret Daley | October 9, 2020

Crossroads of Education

Remington Hutson – First Grade Teutopolis Grade School – In School

Favorite Subject: Math

I don’t remember when I first heard about the pandemic but when the school closed I had to learn at home.

What kind of things did you do when you were learning at home?

I did paperwork. A little bit of math, some coloring. I did reading and writing and sight words.

It felt like a lot of work.

When you couldn’t go to school what did you miss the most?

Playing outside at recess.

Was there anything you liked about doing school at home?

It was fun. I got to play more games. I played Harry Potter on the computer. I liked being at home with my mom.

What didn’t you like about school at home?

I still got homework.

What do you like about being back at school?

Seeing my friends. I missed them.

How did Remington find not having the usual structure of school?

It was hard. He was not happy about doing school work. He did do it but it was hard to get him to do it.

Any new hobbies or interests?

He really got into making slime and played a lot of card games like Uno.