Crossroads of Education: Jackson Stice

by Margaret Daley | October 9, 2020

Crossroads of Education

The Stices – Homeschooled

Jackson Age 12 – Homeschooled

Johanna Age 10

Eli – Age 8

Caroline – Age 5 ½

Louella – Age 3

Do you remember hearing about the pandemic for the first time?

I remember my mom telling me about it. ()

I heard it on a podcast. (boy 2)

Was there any change to your homeschooling when the other schools closed down?

There was more staying home. We couldn’t go to our friends or the workman Center.

We couldn’t do field trips. We couldn’t go to the library and we normally go once a week. So we used Hoopla to get our books and after a while, we got a few other book apps.b(boy)

How did you find digital books?

I’d rather have a paper book. (girl)

I like audiobooks more. I discovered them using Hoopla. You don’t have to change out the disc digitally. (Jackson)

I like that you can zoom in on the pictures. (girl)

Since he discovered audiobooks he takes the phone and listens to them (Eli)

How did it affect other areas of your lives?

We can’t play with our friends so much. (Eli)

We go to our neighbors but we don’t go into their houses. (girl)

One of my friends is stuck in Canada and he can’t come to visit us. (Eli)

We could no longer do CC our Homeschool Community, a coop group. So we had to switch to Zoom.

I couldn’t really focus. There was so many people and only the person talking could be seen. We’d have every muted bit the teacher but we could see everybody there.

We started back last week. So we go to Lincolnland once a week for a coop homeschool group.