Crossroads of Education: Cooper Volpi

by Margaret Daley | October 9, 2020

Crossroads of Education

Cooper Volpi Student at Buckeye Friends School 

What’s your favorite subject?

Math – why?  Because it’s challenging

Do you remember when you were first aware 

2 weeks in – school had to close 

What did you do when school closed?

Learned at home.  Got on Zoom, started baking and doing math

Made cake, cookies, homemade cookies – science 

They would send us math papers

What reminds you of school at home?

The folder (where I kept the things I was working on)

Anything you miss – things you can’t do now?

Now we can’t go inside as much.  We’re outside most of the time now.

Things you find annoying?


Did you like learning at home?

Yes.  What did you like about learning at home?  It was quiet; you could focus.

Anything you didn’t like about learning at home?


What are you looking forward to at school?


What did you miss?

Football.  Had to miss – American Football

What was the most helpful thing that the school did for you?

Zoom calls.

Did you notice anything about yourself that was different while learning at home?

Learning at home was easy.  

Did you start a new hobby or learn anything new while at home?

Not really

How long back at school?

First week at school – good being back – favorite thing the meetings and being together have been good.  Most learning is outside