Crossroads of Education: Christy Dietzen

by Margaret Daley | October 9, 2020

Crossroads of Education

Christy Dietzen Co-Learner Buckeye Friends School

When were you first aware of the COVID pandemic?

Through the news and then the kids came in and there was a lot of emotions/feelings, talking about germs, texting parents to let them know how we were dealing with it.

Did you have to shut down like other schools?


Did you move to remote learning?


How did your role change as you shifted to remote learning?

We use menus for children.  Menus were available at home through email.  Students could choose which items they would execute.  

How did you support the children from home?

Zoom at 10 a.m. at 3 p.m. social time throughout the day.  Split the groups and met in small groups or one to one for support.

We use a settle in and settle out routine for the school day. 

Biggest challenge:

Technology.  Everyone had iPads, but connecting everyone was challenging

No issues with connectivity with the 10 students

Biggest frustrations:

Some kids would shut down – some kids not motivated on their own

Lack of physical community

Things that you learned about?

Mentor school in San Fransico  Bright Works – which helped us organize our day and gave us ideas about how to approach remote learning

Things that you take for granted?

Socialization!  The kids didn’t have a lot to say but they would all join just to see each other

What did you learn?

We need our small group, one to one learning – we can’t take that for granted.

Things you learned during the pandemic that you’ll take forward?

Helped us think outside the box to prepare and execute lessons – especially for our structure here at Buckeye.  We had to think about what the children had at home and find ways to incorporate those items