Crossroads of Education: Cameron Budde

by Margaret Daley | October 9, 2020

Crossroads of Education

Cameron Budde 5th Grade Sigel St Michael, In School

Favorite subject – Math because it’s kind of  easy for me

Do you remember when you first heard about the pandemic?

Not really.  I did hear about the pandemic before they closed the school so I was kind of expecting it. We talked about COVID and how it affected sports. I didn’t think we’d be coming back to school quickly.

Items that remind you of school at home?

Computer. The kitchen. Video chat.

What did you miss most about life before the pandemic?

Not having to wear a mask or social distance.

Was there anything that you liked more?

Not really.

Were there things you realized you took for granted?

Being at school with my friends.

What are the two most important things for you that have changed since the pandemic?

Not being able to go to school, so i;m glad I’m going now. Not being able to go to baseball games without masks.

Did you enjoy the remote learning?

No not really. I didn’t get to see my friends. I didn’t get to have my teacher teach me. And I missed recess.

Was there anything at all that you did like about remote learning?

Well I could play Fortnite right after I got done.

What are you looking forward to this year at school?

Seeing my friends more.

Was there anything your teacher and school did to help you learn at home?

The video calls. We had them twice a week. We’d read the books and talk about them.

How did you find not having the school schedule?

I kind of missed it because the schedule is good. So Mrs Habing made a schedule that was the same. I do the work the day it is scheduled so I could play more.

Did you have any new hobbies while school was closed?

I got more sleep!