Effingham Public Library

Annual Fund

Annual Fund

There are no limits to the imaginations of our kids.

EACH YEAR, the Effingham Public Library asks for help from its generous donors to seed new programs, extend vital services, or update infrastructure.

FOR 2022, we are focusing on our RAISE After School Program and the many options the Library offers to Effingham-area youth and their families.


RAISE began during the 2018 school year. We did not know the impact that we might have. We knew there was a need for free after-school programming for 6-8 graders in our community and we could be a safe place to provide that type of enrichment. After four years, Effingham Public LIbrary has served over 60 kids and continues to grow that program.

Students love the wide range of enrichment activities–including cooking programs, STEM, drones, and art. Students are exposed to a wide variety of activities that might be the spark for future passions and career choices. As one of our students said, “Normally, I’d sit at home after school and be bored, but I like coming to RAISE so that I can see my friends and do the activities!”

“Our impact goes beyond the after-school hours as well. When one of our students began the program this year, he was very angry, and defensive, and had a very negative self-image, as well as a negative attitude towards peers. Over the next few weeks, this student began to develop friendships and positive relationships with both peers and leaders in the program. As time moved on, you could see this student’s growth through their reactions to problems. Where before this student came at everything with an “I can’t do this” attitude, now he has new tools and methods to give new activities a chance. We can see the change in this student in just a few short weeks and know that these skills and tools developed during RAISE will be with him for a long time.”

The EPL is asking for your continued investment in this program. Our fundraising goal for this year is $40,000. We urge you to help us continue to provide high-quality after-school programming for area students. Your donation will also provide needed funding for all our programs so we can continue to serve the community with critical technology services and engagement for years to come.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Amanda McKay at 217-342-2464 or amanda@effinghamlibrary.org. We look forward to hearing from you!